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Verasonics’ Transducers

High quality transducer technology is a prerequisite for many types of ultrasound research. Verasonics offers a wide range of high performance, ready-to-use transducers, as well as useful resources for the transducer developer.

The L11-5v

128-element linear array transducer

Number of elements  128
Pitch (mm)  0.3
Elevation focus (mm)  18
Sensitivity (dB)  -52 ±3

The L12-3v

192-element linear array transducer

Number of elements 192
Pitch (mm) 0.2
Elevation focus (mm) 20
Sensitivity (dB) -58.4

The C5-2v

128-element convex array transducer

Number of elements 128
Pitch (mm) 0.508
Elevation focus (mm) 60
Sensitivity (dB) -55,5 -50.5

The P4-2v

64-element phased array transducer

Number of elements 64
Pitch (mm) 0.3
Elevation focus (mm) 50-70
Sensitivity (dB) -69 -95
Download the Verasonics’ Transducer Specification Sheet
Verasonics’ Transducer Specifications