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Download Vantage Product Information

Vantage Family Brochure

Vantage Brochure for Biomedical & General Applications

Vantage NDE/NDT Specifications

NDT/NDE Vantage Product Information

HIFUPlex Portfolio

The HIFUPlex Portfolio of Vantage systems and HIFU transducers

Download Information about Vantage Options and Accessories


Innovative Solutions for Volume Imaging

Universal Transducer Adapters

Universal Transducer Adapter for Vantage Systems

Vantage Transmit Options

Vantage Transmit Power Configurations, including Extended Transmit Option and HIFU

Multi-System Sync Module

Vantage Multiple System Synchronization Module for High Channel-Count Systems

Custom Transducer Connector

Verasonics Custom Transducer Connector Options, including Break-out Boards & Backshell Connector Kits

Synchronization Triggers

Vantage External Synchronization Triggers for Synchronizing with other Devices

Download Transducer Information

Verasonics’ Transducers

Specifications for the L11-5v; L12-3v; C5-2v; and P4-2v Verasonics Transducers

L22-14v Data Sheet

Verasonics L22-14v High Frequency Linear Array Transducers

CMUT Transducers

Verasonics L22-8v CMUT Linear Array Transducers

GE Transducers

GE Transducers for Vantage systems

Download Technical White Papers & Case Studies

Arbitrary Waveform

Arbitrary Waveform Generation with the Vantage Research Platform

Bandwidth Sampling

Bandwidth Sampling Data Acquisition with the Vantage System for High Frequency Transducers

Photoacoustic Imaging

Case Study: Photoacoustic Imaging of Hand Vasculature Using the Verasonics Vantage system

Download Verasonics’ Presentations

Arbitrary Waveform Presentation

“Arbitrary Waveforms Using a Tri-State Transmit Pulser”
Presented at IEEE-IUS 2013.  Note: 10 MB file