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Transducer Development

Easy Integration of Custom Arrays for Novel Imaging, Sensing, and Therapeutic Applications

The Vantage platform provides versatile tools for testing new transducer materials, creating new probe designs or applications, or simply performing quality assessment, over a wide range of frequencies.

The flexibility and easy programmability of the Vantage systems enable compatibility with many types of transducers that are used in a broad range of research fields.  Some of the transducers that are compatible with Vantage include:

  • 2D or matrix arrays
  • Random arrays, sparse arrays
  • Ring arrays
  • Concave and convex arrays
  • CMUT
  • PMUT
  • NDT/NDE single element and array probes
  • Catheter-based transducers

Verasonics innovative Universal Transducer Adapter technology provides compatibility with many types of transducer connectors.
Curved array, linear array, phased array, high frequency and CMUT transducers offered by Verasonics.
Vantage 256, with a HIFU array and imaging probe from Sonic Concepts, connected simultaneously enabling interleaved imaging and HIFU.
The Verasonics L22-14v High Frequency Linear Array can be used for imaging small animals such as rats and mice in pre-clinical research and is compatible with all Vantage systems.
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