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Upgrade Your Current Verasonics V-1 System

Why Upgrade?

Compared to the V-1 Acquisition System, Vantage provides the following technical advantages:

  • Extended frequency range – 500 kHz to 20 MHz transmit frequency vs. 750 kHz to 15 MHz on the V-1 system
  • Capable of 50 kHz to 27 MHz receive frequency
  • Multi-channel, Arbitrary Waveform Generation capability
  • Improved time delay resolution to 4.0 nsec, vs 5.6 nsec on V-1
  • Programmable anti-aliasing analog filter cutoff: 10, 15, 20, 30 MHz
  • 14 bit A/D converters with programmable sample rate up to 62.5 MHz vs. 12 bit A/D on V-1
  • User-programmable, per-channel digital lowpass (23 tap) and bandpass (41 tap) filters
  • Local buffer memory for RF acquisition increased from 8 to 64 MB/channel. Digital averaging, filtering, and decimation may be performed on data prior to transfer to host computer to improve signal to noise and reduce data bandwidth
  • Data transfer to host computer via 8 PCI express lanes – sustained data transfer rates up to 6.6 GB/s vs. 2.8 GB/s on V-1
  • Additional sample scripts using the MATLAB environment are included to help new users get started

Even More Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to Vantage

The Vantage systems are available in the High Frequency configuration (up to 42 MHz Tx, 50 MHz Rx), Low Frequency configuration (with a range from 50 kHz to 1.5 MHz) and the HIFU Configuration.

Download the Vantage System
Brochure and Specifications
Vantage Specifications

A set of over 100 example control scripts (programs) for various transducers and applications, including plane wave imaging, color flow and power Doppler, spectral Doppler, conventional line mode imaging, radiation force and shear wave visualization, coded excitation, and many others. These can be modified or replaced by the user to create novel algorithms.

Let us help you get the most out of your research!  

Because there are a variety of product configurations, with unique sets of features, options and tools, every upgrade situation will be different. We invite you to talk with us about upgrading your V-1 system. Let’s explore what makes sense for your lab.

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