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Universal Transducer Adapter for Vantage Systems

The Most Flexible Research Ultrasound System 

The UTA can be changed in just a few minutes –
no tools are required.
Download the UTA Adapter Datasheet
Verasonics’ UTA Adapters

Verasonics’ Universal Transducer Adaptor (UTA) enables a Vantage user to quickly convert the system to operate transducers with other types of connectors. In addition to adapters for the standard single and dual 260-pin connectors, there are UTA adapters for 360-pin connectors and 408-contact transducers plus a new adapter for Hypertronics and single channel LEMO connectors.

Changing from one UTA to another is simple. It requires shutting down the system, loosening 4 screws by hand, removing the UTA, attaching the new UTA, retightening the screws and re-booting the system – this can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Key Benefits of the UTA:

  • Enables use of high-performance, low noise connectors
  • Allows for transducers up to 256 elements without a multiplexer
  • Provides additional signal paths for probes requiring additional grounding, power supply, digital control signals, etc.
  • Retains compatibility with Verasonics transducers and HDI transducers made by ATL Ultrasound
  • Simple and fast to change with system re-boot
  • All Vantage systems can be upgraded to the UTA

One UTA adapter is included with every Vantage system purchase. Additional adapters are available. Older Vantage systems can be upgraded to the UTA technology.

UTA Compatibility by Vantage System

Read more about each adapter in the descriptions below.

Vantage 64™ Vantage 64 LE™ Vantage 128™ Vantage 256™
UTA Compatibility
UTA 260-S
UTA 260-D  ✓  ✓
UTA 360
UTA 408
UTA 408-GE ✓* ✓* ✓*
UTA 160-DH/32 LEMO (NDT)
UTA 260-MUX (biomedical)
UTA 1024-MUX  ✓
✓ Purchasable configuration or option. All Vantage systems can be reconfigured or upgraded to additional options.
* Provides support for selected probes from GE
GE is a registered trademark owned by General Electric Company
VisualSonics is a registered trademark owned by Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

UTA 260-S / UTA 260-D

The UTA 260-S has a single 260 pin connector and is available on the Vantage 128 and Vantage 64 LE.

The UTA 260-D has two 260 pin connectors and is available on the Vantage 256. Each connector provides signals for 128 channels.

These adapters provide compatibility with all Verasonics transducers and most refurbished HDI transducers manufactured by ATL Ultrasound.

UTA 408 / UTA 408-GE

The UTA 408 is available on the Vantage 256 and allows direct connectivity for transducers with up to 256 elements without a multiplexer. The additional contacts provide grounding, digital signal control paths, and more.

The UTA 408-GE supports selected probes from General Electric and is available on the Vantage 256, Vantage 128 and Vantage 64 LE.

UTA 360

The UTA 360 is available on the Vantage 256 and provides compatibility with the MS-series of transducers from VisualSonics. These high frequency transducers have 256 elements, which are directly connected to the 256 channels through this adapter.


The new Vantage 64 system can operate standard Verasonics transducers with up to 128 elements when the UTA 260-MUX is used.

UTA 160-DH/32 LEMO

For research and development in materials science and NDT applications, using phased arrays and/or single element transducers, the UTA 160-DH/32 LEMO adapter provides 2 Hypertronics 160-pin connectors in addition to 32 single-channel LEMO connectors. This UTA is available on all Vantage systems.

UTA 1024-MUX

For research in 3D and volume acquisition techniques, the new UTA 1024-MUX adapter on a Vantage 256 system provides support to operate matrix array transducers with up to 1024 elements.  Transducers are available from Vermon and other leading transducer manufacturers.