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Vantage 64™

High-Level Performance at an Entry Level Price

Vantage 64 Research Ultrasound System

The Newest Research Ultrasound System From Verasonics

The Vantage 64 is a fully integrated research system with the same reliable hardware, proven performance, MATLAB programming interface, extensive documentation and industry-leading customer support, which have made Vantage the leading research platform in ultrasound research. The Vantage 64 is designed to enable researchers in materials science, NDT/NDE and biomedical applications to acquire Vantage technology for research at a fraction of what it might cost to design and build a research system from assorted components. The Vantage 64 is ideal for scientists and engineers who are developing new products or techniques, but do not require high channel count.

  • 64 independently controlled transmit and receive channels
  • Waveform transmit flexibility
  • Full access to RF data from every channel in real time
  • Standard and Low Frequency Configurations
  • Upgradable to all capabilities available on Vantage platforms
  • Comprehensive software, example scripts, full documentation
  • All at a surprisingly affordable price

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The Vantage 64 from Verasonics expands the Vantage product family and sets a new paradigm for performance at a lower price point. Researchers no longer need to assemble a collection of hardware components and develop custom software to explore new ultrasound algorithms or test product concepts.  The Vantage 64 is priced to be competitive with “custom systems” so you can focus on your research instead of building your own test platform.

The Vantage 64 was designed for:

  • University-based researchers with limited funds who want a system that can be expanded and upgraded
  • Engineers who need a low-cost system to establish proof-of-concept before investing in a development platform
  • Scientists developing new ultrasonics products or techniques with a limited number of channels
  • Busy labs that need an additional system to accommodate their students

For research in biomedical applications the new Vantage 64 is configured with the UTA-MUX transducer adapter to support many of the available Verasonics transducers and custom transducers up to 128 elements.

Vantage for Biomedical Science

For research in materials science the Vantage 64 is configured with the UTA 160DH/32 LEMO transducer adapter, which supports multiple connectors for NDT arrays and single element transducers.

Vantage for Materials Science, NDE/NDT

Like all Vantage systems, the Vantage 64 is upgradable to higher channel counts and a range of advanced capabilities, protecting your investment and enabling new fields of inquiry.

Vantage Upgrade Continuum