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The Vantage research ultrasound platform is designed with the flexibility and cutting edge technology required to enable research and development in a broad scope of application areas. As the leading solution preferred by research labs throughout the world, Vantage delivers premium quality, flexibility, ease of use, and upgradability, along with comprehensive, world-class customer support.

Customer testimonials include…

“Since 2014, we have used Verasonics ultrasound systems with our NDE research studies. We have found Verasonics to be very flexible for developing new techniques and methods for materials testing.”
Pierre Belanger, PhD, École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), Montreal, Canada
“The Vantage ultrasound system has played a critical role in our functional ultrasound research studies and in our ongoing research as a highly programmable, cutting edge ultrasound technology. It allows us to perform high quality contrast-enhanced imaging and acquire large quantities of data very fast, proving ‘ultrasound localization microscopy’ is a viable technique in the way tumors can be staged at a microvascular level.”
Paul Dayton, PhD, Joint Biomedical Engineering Department of University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, USA
“Verasonics technology has been a game changer for the research ultrasound community. For over 8 years now, our team has used ultrasound systems from Verasonics in a broad spectrum of projects for laboratory and human subject research. We continually find the systems to be high quality in function, extremely flexible to program new algorithms and user friendly, ultimately contributing to shorter times needed to bring research projects to completion. Additionally, we can evaluate development ideas in just days rather than months — critical when innovating our own imaging technologies. Since we began using Verasonics ultrasound in 2010, we have used the technology in at least 75 percent of the research studies published from our team.”
James F. Greenleaf, PhD, Pengfei Song, PhD & Matthew W. Urban, PhD, Ultrasound Research Laboratory, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
I would like to express my admiration for the great job Verasonics have done in developing these systems and the software framework, and hope you will continue for many years to come. The success of our research is in large part owed to you.”
Michael Jaeger, PhD, University of Bern
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